Counterrevolution – Why only the Counterrevolutionary and Royal Army can save America

The United States of America (Sept. 3, 1783 – Jan. 20, 2009), no longer under the influence of its own, noble revolution, is now under the influence of THE Revolution; that is, the spirit of the anti-God, anti-clerical, atheistic Revolution that destroyed the thousand year old Catholic Monarchy in France and which later directly inspired Lenin in the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia (he often referred to the French Revolution). This is a Revolution that spans time and space, led by that personification of evil, and which is in direct opposition to the glorious Kingdom of God. In every age it seeks to destroy. It has found its own rich soil in spiritually rebellious and violent hearts in every century, first in the 16th century Protestant Revolution, leading into the 18th century French Revolution, then in 20th century Russia, and now in 21st century America.
The true America of the American Revolution and the French Monarchy had strong spiritual as well as practical ties. Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, the most Christian Monarchs of France, aided the American Revolutionaries in their war to secure independence from Britain. Later, during the vulgar atrocities of the French Revolution against all that is good and Godly, and all in the name of “Liberty,” “Equality,” and “Brotherhood,” when the Revolutionaries were debating as to whether or not they should send the King to the guillotine, Thomas Paine, the only non-French representative at the assembly, honorably offered to have the King and his family come to live in America in appreciation for their support during the American Revolution. Here, we can already sense the higher moral plain of the American Revolution over the anti-Gods of the French.
In relief to the carnage in Paris, and under the spiritual influence of the great St. Louis de Montfort a lifetime earlier, the Bocage region of Western France, the Vendée, rose in rightful rebellion and counter-revolution against the Republic and for their Catholic Faith and the Monarchy that had represented her in the civil realm for a millennium. The Catholic and Royal Army rose to fight the Revolutionary army of the false Republic. The Vendée counter-revolutionaries were the true heroes of that period in France’s history. In a bit of historical irony, Englishman Edmund Burke was trying to get supplies and help to the Catholic and Royal Army to support their efforts to restore the Monarchy and the Catholic Church in France. It was all the epitome of “Left” versus the truly conservative “Right” of the Catholic Monarchists.
With this in mind, in modern America, we must recognize that both the Left and the Right are Left. The Leviathan that is the Revolutionary spirit of Communism and violent, anti-religious atheism, has entered into power and has co-opted the once morally noble American Revolution and the political process in general, including both traditional parties. The old American Revolution has been sentenced to the guillotine, or, at best, imprisoned for life, while the spirit of the French, Communist, anti-God Revolution prevails in the onslaught of offensive anti-religious philosophies and laws, all in the name of “liberty,” “equality,” and “brotherhood.”
The primordial spirit of Revolution is the spirit of anarchy, dis-order, and the unrestrained pursuit of passions against the spirit of unity in God, authentic moral order, and of religious virtue. It is not the “Right” in America that can save its own revolution, for the Right is quickly joining THE Revolution against God and humankind. To use Ross Perot’s famous metaphor, “Do you hear that big sucking sound?” This sound is that of the American “Right” (though it is not truly a conservative “Right” as is represented by the Monarchy) being sucked into the mouth of the Revolutionary beast. Only the spirit of the Vendée, the martyrdom-like spirit of religious fidelity, the spirit of the Catholic and Royal Army, can save our nation in its darkest hour. Only the restoration of traditional Western Culture, which is Catholic Culture, can pull us out of our existing moral chaos.
If we must give our lives to restore God’s moral order, then so be it. Captured French Revolutionary Quétineau to the Catholic Army’s leader, Cathelineau:
“Your soldiers fight like lions; you are all heroes! But alone against the Republic you will not always win. And then?
“Then,” Cathelineau replied quietly, “we shall die.” (The Guillotine and the Cross, by Warren Carroll)
And so it was. The Catholic and Royal Army was ultimately defeated and the Revolutionary Republic massacred approximately 300,000 Catholic Vendéans in what some historians call the first state sponsored genocide in modern history. Such it goes in the battle against secularism and anti-God forces.
Long live America. Long live the King of France. Long live the Catholic and Royal Army. Long live Jesus Christ in His Catholic Church!
Chouan en avant! Vive le Roi!
It is time for the counterrevolution in America against the totalitarian spirit of anti-religion that rules Washington. Rise Counterrevolutionary and Royal army.

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