Creating the Catholic Supra-Culture – How you can join Le Royaume


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Let’s face it. We live in a post-Christian world. At least we should say that we live in a post-Christian Western Civilization. Or, at the very least, we can say with absolute certainty that we live in a post-Christian America. However one wishes to formulate the proposition, we as traditionally minded Catholics know that our culture and our respective Western countries are lost to the Church. A veritable tidal wave of angry, vulgar, arrogant, and totalitarian secularism has swept our shores in an attempt to wipe out the entirety of Christian tradition and influence. As the wave gathered strength for a couple of decades beginning with the “Sixties” hippie revolution, the voices representing its guiding force spoke innocently of simply wanting a seat at the table of modern culture, so long dominated by nearly two thousand years of Catholic civilization (some will add “and by Protestant influence” here, and true enough in a certain respect, but we see Protestantism as merely the first of the initial tidal waves of rebellion against Christian Dogma and Tradition, later waves being the French and Bolshevik Revolutions, and more recently in America as the “Sixties” Revolution; it was, and is, the same spirit of anti-Catholic civilization driving all of these Revolutions). Today, this force demands not just a seat at the table but the entire room itself. Christians, and particularly Catholics, are castigated and ridiculed, while the Church’s enemies simultaneously speak to the rest of the world of brotherly love for all people. As G.K. Chesterton so profoundly pointed out, “There are those who hate Christianity, and call their hatred an all-embracing love for all religions.”

The War (that War that began before the dawn of time and which must be fought by every generation of believers) is not lost, but the battlefield is currently dreary. We find ourselves in retreat, if for no other reason than to re-organize. The victory is ours, there can be no doubt. Yet, modernity finds us under siege. Originally, the work of Le Royaume  was geared specifically and narrowly toward pro-actively fighting that battle. We remain committed to that as a general principle, as all faithful Catholics must.

Ste Jehanne

Still, over time, we have come to realize that during our darkest hours, we must think about more than simply the War. We need to be able to live, breathe, rejoice, and grow in our life-giving spirituality toward our destiny in the Kingdom. In other words, with the usurpation of contemporary culture by anti-God forces, we need our own culture. Theirs simply will not do. Light cannot exist with darkness. We need to be more than counter-cultural; we need to be sub-cultural. Better still, and staying with our metaphor of light, we need to be “supra” cultural. In other words, we need to be not just against something; we need to be for something. We are not just against darkness. We are for light. The War must be fought, yes. That is our privilege, our road to glory, in the Kingdom. Certainly, we must “counter” the prevailing forces of darkness and spiritual anarchy in the modern culture. But we must always remember that we are primarily FOR something, something more astonishing than the secular world can wrap its head around. We are not simple reactionaries, who at times blindly reject change only because it is change. In contradistinction, we are counter-revolutionaries who understand the evils of the modern Revolution engulfing our world and who know that it threatens, even openly attacks, our way of life, of faith, of hope, and of love. First and foremost, we are FOR the Kingdom of God.

Thus, Le Royaume has clarified its focus. The Vision and Mission remain firm. The Catholic and Royal Army of America is alert and prepared. But it is through the saintly and sisterly patronage of our heavenly sisters, Ste. Jeanne d’Arc and Ste. Thérèse of Lisieux, that we invite others to join us in creating a positive, life-giving, traditional Catholic supra-culture. Through Le Royaume, we hope to provide, first through social media associations, but then ultimately in real associations, an alternative to the cold, dark, anarchic secular culture. We want to be Catholics living in a Catholic culture, not Catholics enduring life in a secular culture. The world has rejected our influence and our way of life. So be it. Let us continue to evangelize that world, but let us also refuse to live by its terms. Le Royaume seeks to be a springboard for re-energizing Catholics and for building the Catholic supra-culture we so desperately need to live, rather than to suffocate in secularism.


That is what it means to live in the Kingdom. Our Lord’s Kingdom is not of this earth; yet, He insists that we live by it while on the earth. “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” Join us at Le Royaume as we support one another in creating the supra-culture we desire and as we reject the world in which the secularists demand we live. While at the moment we are confined to social media, one day we hope to have local and regional gatherings, perhaps even an annual convention of sorts! “We are Catholic – We are Free!” is the motto of our defense forces, the Catholic and Royal Army of America, and it is a motto by which we truly desire to live!

How might we establish the Catholic Supra-Culture using our interest in Traditional French Catholicism and the Renaissance of Catholic France?

One stimulating and inspiring way to begin developing the supra-culture is through socialized sharing. Local interest groups might get together for friendship, coffee, meals, or other social arrangements to share enthusiasm for Traditional French Catholic Spirituality and the Renaissance of Catholic France. Suggested activities would be:

– Book/Reading clubs on such subjects as French Catholic spirituality (Ste. Thérèse, Ste. Jehanne d’Arc, St. Francis de Sales, St. Margaret Mary Alacoque and the Sacred Heart Devotion, St. Louis de Montfort and True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin…etc.) or French History, or the study of  French Royal families, or the relationship between the Church and France, or Catholic prophecy and France…etc.

– Guest speakers to bring us expertise in French Catholicism.

– Presentations and talks shared by members with specific interests and who have researched a topic.

– Writing and poetry shops where members might share their insights and support each other in our own writing, blogging, and publishing.

– Field trips when applicable to visit churches, museums, galleries, cultural events…etc.

– French language skill development  by establishing teams (beginner, intermediate, advanced) who might journey together through a French language program such as Rosetta Stone, and who might recommend specific website programs that would facilitate our learning the language.

Movie nights when we can enjoy classic films related to our interest.

Therese from family picture 500

With that in mind, how can you join us at Le Royaume? Do you have to be Catholic?  

We propose the following scheme that would be open to all interested parties. One need not be Catholic to participate, though one would likely have an interest in Catholicism in order to enjoy it. This scheme is intended to be fun and perhaps even a little tongue-in-cheek. But it might help you think about how to become part of the counter-revolution and about how to find your place so as to breathe in the life-giving air of your Catholic culture:

– Un(e)Touriste – You might just consider yourself a tourist. Every Kingdom needs a good tourism industry! Think of Monaco. Does one need to become a citizen of Monaco to enjoy the life there from time to time? Perhaps you are interested in what you have found in the Kingdom Blessed of St. Joan and St. Thérèse, but you are not fully of the same mind. We welcome you! Come spend some time with us. Metaphorically speaking, shop, have dinner, and take in a show! Just obey the laws of the land so Le Ministre d’Affaires du Royaume does not have to send in the gendarmes of the Catholic and Royal Army! Conversely, if you are visiting our small but friendly little Kingdom yet find one of our own behaving poorly toward you, Le Ministre will send the gendarmes in to help you! On any account, come have fun with us.

– Un(e) ami(e) du Pays – Alternatively, you might consider yourself a friend of the Kingdom, a friend of the land. Maybe you are simply interested in or devoted to our two noble saintly sisters but have little interest in the rest. You are a friend, nevertheless, and we welcome you.

– Un(e) Fils/Fille du Royaume – Finally, you might consider yourself a full son or daughter of the Kingdom. You know in your heart and soul that our Ste. Jeanne and Ste. Thérèse are calling you to the Immaculate Heart of Mary where Christ is enthroned in all His glory. You might, though not necessarily must (for there are no “musts” in the Kingdom other than obedience to our Holy Faith), support all the functions in the Kingdom. Nevertheless, you are called to who you are destined to be in this Kingdom, and you know that this is so. We are humbled by your presence.

Begin your journey in the Kingdom Blessed of St. Joan and St. Thérèse, le Royaume Béni des Ste. Jeanne et Ste. Thérèse! You don’t even have to tell us which of the above you are. Those are simply guidelines to think about. Maybe when we finally have that National Convention, we will put our membership status on our name tags!

What you can do to begin:

– Like the Kingdom’s sites on Facebook, S.T. MartinLe RoyaumeThe Dove and Rose (St. Joan and St. Thérèse, and The Catholic and Royal Army of America (CRAA), and participate with us in our sharing

 – Tell everyone you know. Share our blog, St. Joan and St. Thérèse. Share our home page. Share our Facebook sites.

– Talk to your priest or organization’s leaders about having a presentation.

– Seek others in your area with similar interests who might desire forming a social interest group. 

Enjoy your time in the Kingdom!

S.T. Martin