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I am an insignificant Catholic layman sharing the story of my journey on the Trail of the Dogmatic Creed with St. Joan of Arc and St. Thérèse of Lisieux.

Le Royaume website 5

I am not a professional Catholic; I do not make my living by promoting the Faith or my own testimony. I have no ties with any publisher or media agent. I have no Church sponsored ministry. I neither ask for nor accept money. The only financial profit I receive is from the sales of my books found on my Publications page. However, I am willing, and would be delighted, to speak to your parish or organization for no fee. My only caveat to the above statement regarding money is that assistance with travel expenses would be appreciated.

My sites represent my personal inspirations and views. My first two books (Journey to Christendom and Seek First the Kingdom) have received Permission to Publish from the Archdiocese of Chicago with official declarations of ecclesiastical authority that the material is free from doctrinal and moral error (the other books have not yet been submitted – perhaps one day). However, I do not wish to imply here, or on any other site under my administration, that I am working in an official ministerial capacity. My sites and books are for inspiration, not teaching.

I desire many to join me, none to follow me. We follow Ste. Jehanne d’Arc and Ste. Thérèse de Lisieux on the Trail of the Dogmatic Creed of Roman Catholicism.


Le Royaume reflects the outcome of my own personal spiritual journey out of the Dark Forest of Despair with the spiritually carcinogenic smoke of its secular, atheistic, Protestant, New Age, and “Spiritual but not Religious” philosophies and into the sunlight and fresh air along the Trail of the Dogmatic Creed with Sts. Joan and Thérèse toward the vision of:

“The sovereign establishment on earth as it is in Heaven of the Blessed Virgin Mary’s Kingdom of France bathed in the mystically beautiful light of the combined spirituality of Sts. Joan of Arc and Thérèse of Lisieux.”

This vision is all about consecrating ourselves through French Catholic spirituality to our most saintly sisters, Jeanne and Thérèse, in order to most completely consecrate ourselves to the Blessed Virgin Mary and unite ourselves with the Sacred Heart of Jesus through her. The views expressed on my sites are presented joyfully as my own inspired impulses as I attempt, however imperfectly, to live out my consecration to the Virgin Mary under the guidance, patronage, and sisterly care of Jeanne and Thérèse. To read about how all this came about on my spiritual journey, you will find my books on my Publications page.

fleurdarc-newly saved

At Le Royaume, in order to fulfill the vision above, I dream of building an oasis, a refuge, for Catholics imbued in the French School of Spirituality who want their religion, their way of life, their Queen, and their King. We desire to see the temporal Kingdom of France restored as the “Eldest Daughter of the Church” protecting and building up the Church militant with the Pope in Rome. Ultimately, I would like to form supportive, sharing communities in regions around our country and world. These oases would be “Royal Outposts” obedient to the Church and Jesus Christ her capstone, her head, and her bridegroom despite being surrounded by a hostile culture, in much the same way that royal outposts such as Vaucouleurs or Mont Saint-Michel remained loyal to Charles VII during St. Joan of Arc’s time despite being surrounded by hostile Burgundians and English.

Our unifying and driving force would be reflected in a phrase from one of my poems, “I have loved what you loved,” referring to our devotion to our dynamic saintly duo, Joan and Thérèse. We love them, study their lives and spirituality, seek their sisterly patronage, and allow them to guide us in the deepest sense to our True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin according to St. Louis de Montfort. That is really the substance of this Kingdom Blessed of St. Joan and St. Thérèse; that is, it is a reflection of the most powerful and all-to-infrequently tapped Marian devotion in Church history. It is the Kingdom of Jesus Christ in the center of Mary’s Immaculate Heart. That is where we want to live.

I have loved what you lovedThat “we love what they loved” might mean, subjectively, something different to each person. I compare St. Joan and St. Thérèse to rare jewels that when exposed to the light of the Dogmas, Traditions, and Scriptures of our religion, explode in a variety of magnificent colors. That “we love what they loved” means objectively speaking, of course, that we all are obedient to our Holy Father the Pope and the magisterium of the Church.

For me, “loving what they loved” has transformed me into a “Fils du Royaume de France Mystique,” or, a son of the Mystical Kingdom of France. I am devoted to St. Joan and St. Thérèse, to the Queen of France the Virgin Mary, to the King of France Jesus Christ, and to the temporal extension of that royal supremacy in the form of the French Monarchy now in exile under the Republic. I also like to use the French language when I can. Though my French is poor, I use it from time to time simply because it is the language of St. Joan and St. Thérèse, of “La France Mystique,” and is one way for me to offer them my heartfelt honor of dulia.

Le Royaume

Will the above be your experience? Who knows. If you have read this far and are interested, then you might want to read the “Dix Points du Royaume” (the Ten Points of the Kingdom).

God bless you, and may the Virgin Mary with Ste. Jehanne and Ste. Thérèse pray for you always!

- StM


10 Responses to About S. T. Martin

  1. daharper says:

    Hello Mr Martin,

    I just noticed your wonderful website whilst editing my own post at daharper.wordpress.com

    Keep up the good fight!

    May God Bless You Always


    Gloria In Te Domine!

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  4. Walter-
    I enjoyed your new poem “Joan of Arc, the Virgin’s weapon for me”
    and thought it was very inspiring.


    • S.T. Martin says:

      Thank you Ben! That means much coming from you. I actually drafted that about two years ago, and then put it aside. The other day I felt inspired to bring it out and see if I could finalize it. I appreciate your kind comment.

  5. I’m happy that you found me on Twitter! I am very excited about getting your poetry book “Little Flowers and Fiery Towers.” ;) Do you ever attend the Medjugorje Peace Conference in Irvine?

    • S.T. Martin says:

      Thank you Linda, and God bless you! I appreciate your support. I have not attended the Medjugorje conference. It sounds wonderful. Years ago I had business conferences in Southern CA as well as a sister in the area. Things have changed, so I do not get out there as often as I would like. Hopefully one day! Thank you again!

  6. John Peterman says:

    Interesting blog. Thanks for your efforts, great stuff for the Holy Kingdom of France.
    Just as a point above, I, like Fr. Malachi Martin, believe Medjugorje to be a demonic hoax due to the lack of humility of the “seers”. They have used their fame as “seers” to buy fine homes and cars, this simply isn’t authentic. I advise all Catholics to stay clear.

    • S.T. Martin says:

      Thank you John. I appreciate you dropping by. I have read some things about Medjugorje that also concern me very much. Quite candidly, I do not pay much attention to Medjugorje. Until the Church makes a decision, I shall be quite content with Fatima, Lourdes, and La Sallette for private devotions. The most important thing is to hold on to the Rock of Peter in Holy Mother Church. I appreciate your words of caution and fraternal concern. Please come back.

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